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Bulk Transport & Landscape Supplies

Bulk Farm Supplies

Haywood’s Bulk Transport has a long history working with farmers and rural communities.

Our bulk transport service has the capacity to source and deliver a range of farming supplies directly to your business premises or farm.

These include:

  • Bulk and bagged chemical & mineral fertilizers
  • Bulk organic fertilizers – chicken and turkey litter, cow manure
  • Ag lime
  • Gypsum
  • Sawdust and other wood waste products
  • Sands and gravels

"We are currently the carrier of choice for many rural supplies stores including Norco and Elders, regularly carrying Incitec Pivot Fertilisers and Impact fertilizers for their customers and in store stock".

Offering flexibility to our customers

Our specifically designed trailers feature the ability to transport split loads, and split bulk and bag loads.

Bulk and bag loads mean a bulk load in the front trailer and 20kg, 40kg or 1 ton bags on pallets in the back trailer.
Our walking floor and multi-load trailers allow us to either tip loads into stock piles or conveniently and neatly unload pallets via forklift ready for use or sale.

Organic fertiliser (manures) are becoming more popular. Although only available in bulk loads (not in bags) splitting loads with neighbours or within community groups makes bulk buying achievable to smaller enterprises and offers a great cost effective solution to sustainable organic farming practices.

If you would like to find out more about the variety of products we can deliver throughout NSW and SE QLD or would like us to be your carrier of choice. Please call us or fill in our enquiry form today!

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