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Welcome to Haywood's Landscaping Supplies

Our many years of transporting bulk landscaping supplies to nurseries throughout NSW has allowed us the opportunity to offer to the Macleay Valley an affordable well stocked supply of essential landscaping products.

Our yard is open from Monday to Saturday - 8.00am - 4pm for pick up and enquiries.

Alternatively take advantage of our local delivery service and save time with our small tipper which can access narrow areas.

Products are sold by the cubic metre.
Formula: Length (m) x Width (m) x Depth (m) = m3
For example: If you are going to lay pavers and the area you are going to pave is 6m long by 5m wide and you need to fill the area to a depth of 100mm.
The calculation would be: 6 x 5 x 0.100 = 3
You would therefore require 3 cubic metres (3m3) of washed river sand.

If you would like to find out more information about our products or arrange a sample bag please contact us today!

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  • Special Sands

    Special Sands

    We are currently stocking two special sands with unique qualities! Coffee Rock Sand from South East Queensland. This rare sand...

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  • River Sand/Washed Sand

    River Sand/Washed Sand

    River Sand/Washed Sand is easy to screen level and compacts well. Ideal for use as a paving base and sweeping...

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  • Crusher Dust

    Crusher Dust

    Crusher Dust is made from small pieces of crushed rock and fines. The mix compacts very well and can be...

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  • Grey Screened Sand

    Grey Screened Sand

    Grey Screened Sand. This practical sand is used as a fill sand and used under concrete slabs. Easy to level...

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  • White Sand/Brickie

    White Sand/Brickie

    White Sand/Brickie Sand is predominantly used for making mortar and bagging of walls. It has a clay component that makes...

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  • Sandy Loam

    Sandy Loam

    Sandy Loam Screened/Top Dress. Ideal for use on lawns as a top dressing. Mix with organic materials to make a...

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  • Drainage Ag 20mm

    Drainage Ag 20mm

    20mm Ag Drainage is affordable and effective. Used behind retaining walls and over drainage lines such as an ag. lines....

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  • Road Base 40mm

    Road Base 40mm

    This 40mm Road Base has a good mix of gravel, clay and fines. Its easy to run out, shape and...

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  • Tweed White

    Tweed White

    Tweed White is a decorative stone for gardens, paths, around pavers and ponds. Creating a clean edge and long lasting...

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  • Tweed Gold

    Tweed Gold

    Tweed Gold is a popular decorative stone. It consists of a mix of yellow, burgundy and white stones. This eye...

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  • Premium Garden Mix

    Premium Garden Mix

    Premium Garden Mix is a specially blended garden mix. Suitable for garden beds, veggie patches and potted plants. Save time...

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  • Pine Bark 25mm

    Pine Bark 25mm

    Pine Bark 25mm suppress weeds and feeds your garden. This long lasting mulch is for small to large gardens The...

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  • Pine Bark 50mm

    Pine Bark 50mm

    Pine Bark 50mm is a long lasting mulch suited to large gardens. Spreads well and looks great amongst all types...

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  • Pine Bark Cert 15mm Soft Fall

    Pine Bark Cert 15mm Soft Fall

    Pine Bark Cert 15mm Soft Fall is great for kids play areas. This soft fall pine bark meets Australian standards...

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  • Sawdust & Aged Sawdust

    Sawdust & Aged Sawdust

    Sawdust is great for reclaiming wet areas around animal enclosures. It can be mixed in soils and compost to create...

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  • Woodchips – Hardwood

    Woodchips – Hardwood

    Hardwood woodchips are a long lasting natural timber chip. Excellent ground cover. Used for moisture retention and weed suppression. Re-claim...

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  • Woodchips – Red Diamond

    Woodchips – Red Diamond

    Red Diamond woodchips are decorative cypress woodchips used to add colour to garden areas. Also increasing moisture retention and weed...

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  • Uni – Mulch

    Uni – Mulch

    Uni - Mulch is a decorative scented mulch that holds colour well. Is termite resistant. Excellent moisture retention & weed...

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  • Eucalyptus Mulch

    Eucalyptus Mulch

    Eucalyptus Mulch is a fibrous textured mulch that is great for sloped banks. It increases moisture retention and weed suppression....

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  • Tea Tree Mulch

    Tea Tree Mulch

    Tea Tree Mulch is a fibrous dark rich coloured mulch with a bush aroma. This attractive mulch stays where it...

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  • Cypress Chip

    Cypress Chip

    Cypress Chip is yellow in colour, nicely scented and termite resistant. It is used for moisture retention and weed suppression....

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